Implant Crowns

Dental Implants are the new standard of care for missing teeth. They replace teeth with stable, natural-looking teeth that maintain the integrity of the facial structure by preserving the jawbone. Unfortunately, the more teeth you are missing, the quicker and more severe bone loss is. Dental implants act as a substitute tooth root, do not compromise the teeth around them and serve as a permanent replacement for a missing tooth. Once your implant is placed and healing time allows, we can complete the implant by fabricating your Implant Crown, which will look just like a natural tooth on top of your dental implant.

What should I expect?

After implant placement, there will typically be a 3-month healing time. Once healed, we will see you for your impressions, shade selection, then the lab will fabricate your implant crown. Finally, the permanent crown will be ready for placement about two weeks later.