to a Happy Life

  1. Straighten teeth WITHOUT braces

  2. Address Sleep Disordered Breathing issues



Healthy Start is the revolutionary new treatment that straightens teeth, improves jaw placement, and opens the airway as a child’s adult teeth are coming in. Instead of trying to correct crooked teeth later in life, HealthyStart stops the need for braces before there’s a problem.


Braces have long been the mainstay of modern orthodontics, but as the scientific community learns and progresses, effective alternatives to the traditional wire and bracket method of teeth alignment emerge. One of those is Healthy Start.



Let’s start by recapping how Healthy Start works. Whereas braces are applied once your child’s adult teeth have already come in, Healthy Start is used while they are coming in. This means your child’s adult teeth are guided into the correct position and will not relapse back.


The Healthy Start treatment takes into consideration the patient’s entire lifetime and what will work for them over the long-term, which is treating misalignment early. It also considers the effects of orthodontic care on the whole body, including the mouth, jaw, and throat.

Healthy Start Is More Comfortable Than Traditional Braces. What are some of the top complaints about braces? Braces can be unattractive and painful they limit many of the things you can eat and they can be impossible to clean. Healthy Start, on the other hand, is a simple, wire-free mouthguard that gently adjusts the teeth and jaw.

Both Dr. Bob and Dr. Sara are treating children with Healthy Start. Give our office a call. We want to help you give your child a healthy start.

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