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Financing Dental Procedures at Bellevue Family Dentistry in Green Bay, WI

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Understanding How Dental Insurance Works

Upon your first visit, we’ll make sure to gather all of your insurance information. Once your appointment is complete, we’ll perform an overview of the care you received, file all necessary claims, and collect any payments on treatments not covered by your insurance. Next, we’ll get the claims processed and make sure to receive the rest of your payment from the insurance company. The team members are highly experienced in working with dental insurance, so feel free to ask any questions you have about your coverage. We always want to make our patients feel comfortable during the visit, especially as we process your insurance.

Financial Information for Dental Procedures at Bellevue Family Dentistry in Green Bay, WI

What Your Dental Insurance Plan Covers

Dental insurance companies offer many plans and benefits, which is incredibly common in that industry. Unfortunately, this can make it difficult to know exactly what’s covered and what is not. With that said, some patterns can be safely assumed when it comes to dental treatments. One of the most common forms of care widely covered is preventive care, mainly because basic cleanings and checkups (on top of at-home oral care) offer the most effective solutions for preventing serious issues from developing. At the very least, they can catch issues early, making treatment easier. Overall, dental insurance companies cover care by the following guidelines Below.

Applying for Credit for Dental Procedures at Bellevue Family Dentistry in Green Bay, WI
  • Preventive services, which include oral exams, cleanings, x-rays, and fluoride treatments.
  • Minor restorative services include tooth-colored restorations and amalgam restorations.
  • Major restorative services include dental crowns, bridges, partials, dentures, and implants.

Most major restorative services require a Predetermination of Benefits from the insurance company before treatment is started.  Our team is trained in filing the Predetermination of Benefits for our patients.  Keep in mind that most dental plans will not cover treatments that aren’t deemed medically necessary, including cosmetic procedures. Our team will work with you to determine what is not covered by your insurance policy.

Dental Savings Plan for Dental Procedures at Bellevue Family Dentistry in Green Bay, WI

No Insurance? We can help with that!
Join our Dental Saving Plan

How Does the Membership Work?

The Dental Savings Plan offers members a 15% discount on services for one year from the date of purchase.
The plan has no yearly maximums, no deductibles, and no pre-existing conditions!
The 12-month membership fee is due in full upon joining.  Membership fees cannot be financed through Care Credit.
Payments are due when services are rendered.  Accepted payment forms are cash, check, or credit card.
The membership is effective the day you join, and payment is received.
Membership terminates the last working day of your membership year.

Exclusions and Limitations

The Bellevue Family Dentistry Dental Saving Plan is a membership program; it is not a dental insurance plan and can only be used here at Bellevue Family Dentistry.
It is non-transferable.  It cannot be combined with any other dental insurance coverage.
No additional courtesy saving will be applied.
In the event the patient chooses to use Care Credit, all treatment will be billed at the usual reasonable and customary fees, without any fee reduction.
Discounts under your membership plan do not apply to any treatment before joining.
MI paste, whitening products, or any other take-home products are not included in the plan.
There is no reduced charge for these products.
Plan rates may be reviewed and adjusted on an annual basis.
For questions about coverage, please call 920-465-4477; we would be happy to help.

Bellevue Family Dentistry will work with you to find the most suitable payment plan to meet your needs. We accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover. We offer a wide variety of payment options; low monthly payments and deferred interest plans are available. You can apply for these flexible payment plans either online or in our offices. Simply follow the links below to apply online.

​If at any time you have questions about insurance, payment plans, or any other financial matter, please call our office. Our friendly staff is well versed and ready to help. 920-465-4477

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“No yelling guaranteed!", even if it's been years since you have seen a dentist.